Located along the Via Aretina within the location of Fiesole,  Ellera is roughly equidistant (7.5 km) from both Florence and Fiesole. Eridu can be reached by car, bus or train.

Train: the nearest train station is Compiobbi which is 1.5 km for the B&B. The train from Santa Maria Novella station in Florence (direction Arezzo or Pontassieve)  takes 15 minutes, and there is one train every hour. Check the time of the train on the official italian train website: www.trenitalia.com

Bus: there is a bus stop a few meters from the B&B. The bus leaves from the Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence and the cost of the ticket is the same as for any other urban fare.

Car: exit the motorway at Fi-Sud (Firenze Sud) and follow the long exit road till you arrive at a set of traffic lights and turn right. Follow the road, Via Aretina, for nearly 7 km until you pass the sign indicating Ellera. Keep the street that follow the river, few metres and there is a bar, after the bar  turn right, then take the first left and then the first right turn and you have arrived. gps:

Nord 43°,47.043 – Est 11°,22.407


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