“When the celestial kingdom came to earth, it bloomed in Eridu…”

This can be found in the most ancient Sumerian royal list, which was written in cuneiform characters at the end of the III millennium. According to the Sumerian mythology  maybe Eridu is the first human settlement, the first town in in the world, which was built in lower Mesopotamian near the river Euphrates, a town that was the cultural centre of Sumerian society. Etymologically Eridu means: “ your home away from home”, the choice of the name itself is the principle of our hospitality. An informal and convivial hospitality that makes you feel at home. When starting our new Bed & Breakfast in Fiesole, we got inspired from this ancient myth and we built a “home away from home” for all visitors coming to Tuscany. Eridu has been created and cared for a long time, we adopted environmental sustainable choices and created a unique interior design, which combines creativeness to reuse, tradition to inventiveness.

For me “bed & breakfast” means more:


Bed: Italian rules provide for the cleaning and the change of linen once a week ( unlike the daily one provided for by hotels). In Eridu it occurs once in 3 days. Extra cleaning and extra linen at extra price. You will be given the house keys so that you can come and go as you like it.


Endcheck in starts from 2 pm, finish at 20 pm. If you arrive earlier, you can  leave your suitcases and I’ll give you the keys.

Check out at 11 A.M. (ask me if is possible to make a late check out).

Please let me know the approximate time of your arrival, I am alone to do everything, so I can organize myself.


You are invited to respect this house, its philosophy and the other guests. Make good use of water ( which is drinkable) and don’t forgeto to swith off lights!


Breakfast: we try to promote socialization. When and if our guests’ hours coincide (breakfast time is from 8 to 10) breakfast is served at the same table in the kitchen so that our guests can talk to each other ( on demand breakfast can also be served in the room). We also inform you about our marmelade cat, Leon. Don’t worry if you are allergic, Marco – the owner – is allergic too, but Leon is a very clean animal (exactely as the b&b he lives in).

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