At Eridu being eco-friendly is not just a way to be “on fashion” or a false slogan: it’s the result of our life attitude, the most natural way to carry on Fiesole artcraft tradition and – at the same time – to allow young creative artists to show their talent.

What’s the result? Eridu is a really unique b&b in Fiesole and Florence area.

In ours artists hands, corks became beautiful sofa enriching the “Room of Ildness”, simple wooden boards became headboards for unique beds, and so on – so many art objects, grown in number during the years. Together with local traditional furniture, they tell the story of a true attention to the environment we are part of.

Leaning out to the window, with a small fall and an original mill in front of you (one of the few mills still working on Arno river), just at the foot of Fiesole hill, you will appreciate the warm hospitality of our bed & breakfast and our will to mantain a sustainable approach to carry it on.

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